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Easystudy is one stop solution for the difficulties you face while preparing for entrance exams. I believe that every student has the capacity to achieve what he/she aims for, provided he/she gets correct guidance and support. I am here to solve all your doubts regarding how to study, when to study and what to do in order to achieve the best results. Feel free to send your queries and comments through the contact form on the contact me page. If you want an article or a post on any topic, you can write to me by filling in the contact me form.

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Hello! I'm Disha Agrawal. I am currently a student pursuing Btech from Delhi Technological University(formerly Delhi College of Engineering). Like every dedicated science student, I aspired to be in one of the top IIT's of the country. However, as luck favoured, I could not get a rank in JEE Advanced, even after four years of coaching and be among the top scorers in school. With my experience, I have discovered ways in which one can study efficiently and effectively. I have discovered ways in which one should not study. With this blog, I would like to share my knowledge with everyone and I hope to help each one of you achieve your goals.