This is one of the most frequently asked questions by students. Every student faces this problem of managing time between school, tuition and coaching classes. Worry not. I have you sorted. I have listed for you the most effective ways in which you can manage between school, tuition and coaching classes.

1. Leave tuition

First of all, leave that extra tuition you have joined for each subject. It is just diverting time from self-study. If you think you cannot do without tuition because you are not taught properly at the coaching, then either change your coaching classes or talk to your teacher at the coaching. There is absolutely no point in pursuing both tuition and coaching simultaneously. It only leads to exhaustion and little benefit. It is better to have your doubts resolved and concepts cleared in the coaching itself. Ask doubts. Don’t hesitate thinking of what other students and the teacher will judge. Just know that it is you who has to give the exam and you who must be crystal clear with the concepts. Nothing else matters.

Another way to get through your doubts could be school. Ask your school teachers. They will always be ready to help. If you face doubts during self-study, then refer to the internet. Watch videos on the particular topic. The internet can give you loads of information from various sources. But you must be careful as to not waste time while searching for information. You might get diverted and distracted towards useless information. Be responsible towards your studies. Study when you are studying. You can surf irrelevant information during breaks. Don’t let it hamper your studies. Use the internet wisely.

2. Concepts not Content

It is absolutely imperative that your concepts are clear. The concept remains the same, whether it is coaching or school. Just that, the concept is in a little more depth in coaching than in school. So, the best way is to grasp the basics and then build on it step by step. Only the content given in school and coaching differs. So, the key is to understand the core concepts and to be able to apply them to solveĀ problems. Strong concepts will always give you an edge over others, both in school as well as coaching.

3. Quality not Quantity

Don’t count the number of hours you have studied, the number of pages you have finished or the number of books you have completed. In the end what matters is only the quality of your study and not the quantity. If you are able to understand the concepts from just one book, in one go, then it’s good; move on to the next topic. If you are not able to grasp a concept in one go, then do some more searching and find a way to understand that concept. The point is, it may sometimes take more content and time and sometimes less. Just focus on how well you have understood its application and definition. If you just focus on the quality of your study and your productivity, you will be able to save more time and hence be able to manage school as well as coaching.

4. Self-Study

The constant hustle between school and coaching leaves you exhausted and eventually, you tend to cut down on your self-study time. This has a negative impact on your preparation and must be avoided. It is important that you practice all concepts on your own, at your own pace. Self-study constitutes more than 50 percent of your preparation. Therefore making ample time for self-study is important for your understanding of concepts.

5. Be attentive in class

The best way to save time is to utilize it. Utilize your time in class. Listen attentively. Understand all the concepts in the class itself so that you don’t have to worry about doing that at home while revising. In fact, if you listen carefully in class and understand everything taught, half of the work is done. You might not even need to revise your class notes separately. You can get back home and directly start solving questions. You can always refer to your class notes when required. This is a speedy and effective technique. It also helps you to understand the application of concepts properly.

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